Lysto Passport — The Comprehensive Profile for Gamers

3 min readApr 26, 2023
Lysto Passport

We at Lysto believe that no gaming achievement should go unchecked. Thus, we aim to create an accepted standard for all gaming and related achievements by issuing digital Trophies, Badges & Certificates.

A ONE-STOP Profile to display all your gaming experiences!!


Every gamer can benefit from our passport! Any gaming achievements representing a skill should add value. A gaming identity is unique to everyone, and you should be able to use yours as you deem fit.

  • Career growth
  • Esports Scouting
  • Access to communities and Games
  • Or just having fun and connecting with other gamers.

Career growth

The Gaming Industry continues to grow, at a $184 Billion global market in 2022 — set to reach 201 billion in 2023!! As cliche, as it may sound, it “Is bigger than the sports and film industries combined.”
With this growth comes the opportunity for employment and stability. In the US alone, 268K people work in the gaming sector.

As these opportunities increase, your gaming experience will only become more and more relevant as it gives you an edge over your competition to get hired. From Community Managers to Graphic Designers, the companies also seek some gaming experience.

Many talented minds and young people are passionate about video games, but only a quarter of them believe they can make an actual career out of it. This is going to change, and Lysto will help you get there.

Esports Scouting

Scouts, Players, Coaches, Admins, Managers, and the other supporting staff that make up an esports team or a tournament organization could all benefit from Lysto Passport.

Our vision with Passport is to make Lysto an ideal scouting ground for esports team scouts and sponsors by providing them with all the authenticated details of any player, from tournaments to in-game rank history. A complete profile that shows the exact persona of the gamer, his motivations, stats, interests, and more.

Access to Communities and Games

Any value players can bring to a community/games, or organization can be displayed loud and clear. This brings an opportunity to stand out and be recognized!!

Gamers contribute a lot to their communities, usually as moderators, organizing tournaments and other events, copywriting, and creating graphics, casting, etc. All of these teach valuable skills which can be applied in the real world.


Anyone can issue achievements on Lysto.
Hosting a weekly tournament and want to award trophies? Head over to !
College events with reputations at stake, remember to flaunt your digital trophy!
Even the biggest esports event organizers and experienced players could definitely benefit from displaying certification for big events.

All in all, Lysto is focused on gamers reputations and Identity. It gives them a way to articulate, organize and display their gamer persona, a platform to leverage their gaming skills in the gaming industry and the real world.

Join US and get Started!

If you believe in our vision, join us as we race toward this mission of building!!

Our community will benefit significantly from your feedback and in return be early to a platform that will help you display your skills to build a career in esports and gaming

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